High Pressure Hydraulic Equipment

Information About Hydraulic Equipment

Our Hamale high pressure hydraulic systems work with 700 bar power. By transmitting this high power to the equipment by means of hydraulics, it offers easy, safe and economical opportunities in your very difficult or heavy works.

The main products are; electric motor power units, manual hand pumps, cylinder jacks of various tonnages and heights, hydraulic puller splitters or blasting tools, systems such as nut tightening, stud tensioning, and many types with single or synchronized working possibilities.

Usage Areas

All our equipment; aviation industry, shipbuilding and maintenance industry, automotive industry, rail system production and maintenance, energy production facilities, petrochemical facilities, military equipment, search and rescue, disaster relief, heavy transportation needs, highway bridge construction, infrastructure and superstructure It is designed to achieve precision power generation and control capabilities in a variety of industrial applications such as construction work and civil engineering.