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Picture of 10 Tons Hydraulic Machine Jacks
Tırnaklı Makina Krikosu
Tırnaklı Makina Krikosu
Picture of 25 Tons Hydraulic Machine Jacks
Tırnaklı Makina Krikosu
Picture of 5 Tons Hydraulic Machine Jacks
Tırnaklı Makina Krikosu
Tırnaklı Makina Krikosu
What is Claw Jack?
In the operation of lifting the target load in the transport of heavy equipment, we may encounter situations where you cannot find the appropriate space under it.
In such cases, you can choose hydraulic equipment, hydraulic machine jacks, hydraulic claw jacks or mechanical jacks, which our HAMALE brand offers to produce solutions for you. It is important to understand the surfaces of the relevant areas to determine this preference.
Here's how to determine whether an application requires hydraulic jacks, pedestal jacks or one of our other high quality industrial handling solutions.


Moving in Narrow Spaces
All HAMALE heavy-duty claw jacks are designed to increase maneuverability in tight spaces.
It is recommended to choose our claw jack models that can be controlled with an external hydraulic power unit, which is our choice in remote and risky areas.

Floor and Venue Selection
Our products are designed for indoor areas. However, dipped galvanized coating products can be produced in open areas where it will be exposed to climatic conditions for a long time.
Nickel Plating can also be done in applications to be made for sterile clean room (pharmaceutical, chip production, electronics, medical, food, etc.) environments.


HAMALE helps you with all your precision lifting needs. Our finger jacks are built to meet the need for safe and hassle-free handling solutions, backed by extensive technical support to keep your operations running. Our selection of hydraulic foot jacks, low profile jacks, forklift jacks and more gives you a range of options so you can find exactly what you need to get the job done.
Every heavy-duty finger jack that leaves our factory is certified using an extensive testing and approval process.
Not sure which product is right for your application? Please contact us for expert guidance.